The Value of On-Demand Learning

Here’s what others have said about the value of on-demand learning:

  • Recorded sessions meant my learning could occur in bite size chunks which was great and the four sessions made it so achievable.

  • Being able to pause the recordings as I went along so that I could make more comprehensive notes and to reflect on how the strategies could be applied to specific students was invaluable.  

  • Love the flexibility.  I am a morning person so being able to learn at an optimal time for me was awesome.  

  • Financially it is so cost effective as we pay no travel time, no relief teacher time.  It has had a significant impact on our PD budget especially for our rural school.

  • It was so convenient being able to view the recording anywhere anytime.

  • This is now my preferred method of learning.  Tony and Michelle were fantastic, it was like they were talking just to me.

  • I was able to rewatch key sections - just to reinforce my understanding.  I was a lot more focused and felt I learnt so much more without the distractions of attending an event in person.   

  • Love that we are saving the planet - no emissions from all of that travel.  Well done guys.

Posted: Friday 28 October 2022

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