Autism in Schools

Autism in Schools
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Available for 30 days On-Demand

Many teachers feel that their degree did not prepare them to teach autistic students, yet autism occurs in 1 in 44 eight year old children, so they are highly likely to have at least one autistic child in their classroom. The course starts with understanding the autistic learning profile, including how to adapt teaching styles to accommodate the autistic learning profile. The course will also focus on understanding why autistic students behave the way they do, and struggle to fit in with classroom expectations and peers, and provides vital clues to the best strategies to assist them to adapt to the school environment.


We cover these topics and more:

  • The autistic learning profile.
  • Managing executive functioning difficulties.
  • How autism presents differently in girls.
  • How to understand and relate to your autistic student.
  • Strategies to prevent and manage meltdowns and shutdowns.
  • Including emotions as part of the classroom curriculum.
  • Increasing motivation, focus and flexible thinking.
  • Friendships and creating an inclusive and safe culture.
  • Special interests and their uses in the classroom.
  • Sensory issues and accommodations.


  • Presented by Dr Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett
  • 30 days to complete the course
  • 5 hours 27 minutes broken into 4 sessions
  • Downloadable PDF handouts supplied
  • Certificate of completion
  • $230.00 per person

Our brand new event, Autism in School, was specifically designed to train teachers and teacher aides in autism to increase their understanding of autism and equip them with specific strategies for teaching the autistic children and adolescents in their classroom, in Primary School, High School, Distance Education or Home Schooling. Families and health professionals who support the child or teenager attending school will also benefit.

Who will benefit?

All education professionals including Teachers, Teacher Aides, SENCOs, Learning Support Co-ordinators, School Principals, Counsellors, RTLBs, and administrative staff. Other education and health service providers including Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physio Therapists, Psychologists, Paediatricians, Mental Health Workers, Support Workers, and Families.

Learning objectives:


  • To be able to adapt classroom learning to suit an autistic learning profile.
  • To understand the different ways autism presents in girls, and how to adapt to her needs in the classroom.
  • To develop a safe, trusting relationship with your autistic student and their family.
  • How to recognise autistic thinking and behaviour, and how to respond.
  • Learn how to include emotion education as part of classroom learning and why this is important.
  • Learn how to support autistic friendships and create an inclusive classroom and playground culture.
  • Understand how to spot peer rejection and bullying, why it occurs and how to support an autistic student who is rejected and/or bullied.
  • Learn what motivates autistic students and how to maximise their focus and attention, and increase their flexibility in thinking.
  • Learn how to use special interests constructively.
  • Understand the different sensory profile of an autistic students and helpful accommodations.
  • Know the best resources for teachers.


What others have said about our Online Courses:

“I have done a few different online courses recently but none of them compare to the professionally delivered courses by Creating Success. Tony and Michelle’s delivery is brilliant. I learnt so much and was engaged the whole duration of the course.” (Angelique – Auckland)

“Thank you so much for providing these training opportunities. Hands down the BEST online course I have done.” (Jennifer – Napier)

“Michelle and Tony have such wonderful compassion and the way they present their information makes it so easy to watch. The 6 hour course went so fast I’m going to register for the other courses as well.” (Jan – New Plymouth)

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