Succeeding with Autism in the Teens

Friday 22 July 2022
11:30 AM - 06:00 PM (NZ)
NZ$ 230.00
NZ$ 200.00 excl GST


  • Presented by Dr Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett
  • Approximately 5½ hours of learning broken into manageable sessions with scheduled break times
  • Access to the presentation for 60 days following the Live event
  • A Live Chat Room for Q&A with Tony and Michelle throughout the day
  • Downloadable PDF handouts supplied
  • Certificate of completion
  • $230.00 per person

The purpose of this workshop is to equip participants with specific skills and strategies to make the teenage and early adult years a success. Autistic young people use specific coping strategies to cope with having autism. The coping styles and the implications of these for understanding, teaching, parenting and managing autistic young people are described. The presenters will focus on a range of areas known to be important to autistic young people including the transition into high school, the learning profile and specific strategies to encourage academic and social success, the management of anxiety, stress, anger and depression, friendships, relationships and sexuality, what to do about bullying, and transition into a career.


Who will benefit:

All education professionals including Teachers, Teacher Aides, SENCOs, Learning Support Co-ordinators, School Principals, Counsellors, RTLBs, and administrative staff. Other education and health service providers including Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physio Therapists, Psychologists, Paediatricians, Mental Health Workers, Support Workers, and Families.

Teaching Process: The workshop includes a combination of didactic teaching, participant activities and Q&A. Participants attend via link to a live presentation. They have access to a chat room where they can ask questions at any time. There is opportunity to learn from workshop participants, as well as the trainers.

Learning objectives: 

  • Research on the neurology of the teenage brain and how this affects the teenage and young adult years
  • If, when and how to share the discovery of autism with your teenager or young adult
  • Strategies to transition an autistic teenager to high school
  • The learning profile of the autistic teenager and young adult and necessary classroom accommodations and considerations
  • How to recognise autism in teenagers and young adults who camouflage in school or work and diagnostic interviews
  • Strategies to teach autistic teenagers and young adults to develop awareness of themselves and their emotions, for use across settings
  • Parenting strategies for the autistic teenager and young adult
  • How to manage a meltdown
  • How to recognise and manage a depression attack
  • Understanding and supporting friendship for autistic teenagers and young adults
  • Teaching sexuality to teenagers and young adults
  • Strategies for building resilience in the face of bullying and peer exclusion
  • How to manage the transition to career


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NZ$ 230.00 including GST
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